How To Maximize the Profits of the Sale of Your Home, Within Your Time Frame And Eliminate Hassles

What Selling 100’s of Homes In All Price Ranges Over 14 Years Taught Us

& How You Benefit From It


We understand that each home is unique and selling a home like yours requires proper preparation, scientific positioning, impressive marketing, massive online & offline exposure & rapid feedback.  Neglecting any of these 6 factors will cause your house to attract low ball offers or worse languish on the market. This is why we evaluate each client’s home individually & work with you to position it to sell within your time frame and for maximum profit.

“Clients sometimes select an agent because one advertises in more places than the other. They don’t realize that an agent who knows his factors – the triggers that make people buy can reach many times more home buyers than the one who doesn’t.” -Eric Auger-


Sell Your Home for More With Our Maximum Value Audit

Our detailed sales process begins with a “maximum value audit” wherein we conduct a careful, thorough valuation of your home.  Rather than suggesting an inflated value just to pressure you into listing your property, we take the time to tour your home, evaluate its condition against similar sales, identify & rectify items that could negatively affect your selling price, and establish a selling price that is both realistic and consistent with your time frame.

We share our “maximum value audit” with you in a professional, easy to understand format, and offer improvement recommendations to help you better prepare your home to enter the market.  We have found our recommended improvements give you as much as a $10 to $1 return!  By providing you with a checklist of strategies & hire the best professionals, we are able to help you obtain top dollar for your sale!

Model Homes Generate Higher Profits

Professional home staging is powerful because it works on a behavioral level. It distracts buyers from just comparing beds, baths, and square footage and allows them to envision themselves living in your house. And guess what?  A buyer who is emotionally connected to your house is willing to pay a higher sales price!  In fact, according the 2015 National Association of Realtors survey of buyers and sellers 49% of buyers reported staging increases the perceived home value from 1 to 10%.

Home builders know this, this why they have become experts at home staging.  This is also why we hire the same professional home stagers local builders use for their models.

By helping prospective buyers see themselves living in your home and visualizing how your home’s layout will work them, they immediately feel more ‘at home’ and are more likely to fall in love with your property. This can immediately set them at ease, alleviating their concerns and increasing your chances of getting a strong offer.


The “Wow” Factor
Alleviates Objections

You only get one chance to make a first impression and first impressions are everything!  This is why we have your home professionally cleaned and landscaped!  We want potential buyers who view your home to immediately feel at home, knowing it has been well maintained and cared for and ready for them to move in and settle in!

The same as people are willing to pay more to stay in 4 star hotel, where the property is spotless and in meticulous condition, they’re willing to pay more for a home that’s in prime condition.  By putting your home on market in prime condition, we position it for prime offers!

More Visibility
Equals More Showings

Our research has shown that if we can increase the number of buyers who see your home by 10%, there is a 90% chance we’ll find the highest paying buyer for your property! This is why we create a buzz around your house before it even hits the market. In addition to the major portals such as Zillow,, and Trulia, we syndicate your home on over 200 real estate websites!  We also contact our database of 13,000 locals who attend our weekly networking events and advertise your listing via a combination of print ads, internet ads, and direct mail.


More Showings
Mean Bigger Profits

The more traffic we generate, the higher the probability we find buyers who fall in love with your home!  According the latest National Association of Realtors (NAR) buyer and seller survey, 92% of buyers start their search online. Captivating the attention of a potential buyers is critical and photos are the first point of contact buyers have with your home. This is why we hire the best award-winning, real estate photographer in town: Virtuance. What they do with a camera is incredible and there is no comparison between their professional, HD photos and the smartphone photos most other agents use. The result is like looking at a 1950’s black and white TV versus today’s color 4K high-definition TV.

Eliminate Negotiations
and Lowball Offers

When prospective buyers view your home, they tend to look for items and features they can use to negotiate price reduction.  Their feeling is that you should pay for anything they will need to fix and they want this taken out of your profit!  This is why we conduct a pre-listing inspection.

Our pre-listing inspection identifies any potential issues that may arise during the selling process that could either jeopardize the sale or cost you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line.  This pre-inspection also enables you to remedy defects and issues before they become an obstacle to the sale of your home or a detriment to your profits.


Less Issues
Equal Higher Profits

Warranties provide peace of mind and home warranties are no different!  The true value of a home warranty is that it offers buyers an added level of security while putting the power of negotiation in your court.  We strongly recommend our sellers include a home warranty as an added feature!  It saves you money should something break while your home is for sale and provides the buyer with coverage for up to one year after the purchase of your house.

React to the Market with Immediate Feedback

We follow up with each agent and buyer who visits your home in order to obtain their feedback!  We then share their impressions with you on a weekly basis and offer recommendations based on their perceptions.  Having these insights allow us to adjust the positioning to ensure your home shown in the best possible manner!
Using a sophisticated online system and centralized documentation, we track the amount of activity and showings and gather feedback from all interested parties.  We are even able schedule showings based on your availability.  At all times, you will know who is coming. to view your home, when they are coming, and what their impressions were.


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